Monday, 9 March 2015

Review: Star Decals 11th Cavalry in Vietnam/Cambodia Pt.1 1/35 decals

Title: 11th Cavalry in Vietnam/Cambodia Pt.1

Product code: 35-933

Available for purchase from the website : PRESS
Description: This decal sheet from Star Decals contains markings for M113's from the 11th Cavalry in Vietnam/Cambodia.  This decal set contains color illustrations, national markings and serial numbers. As can be seen this decal set contains colour guide/instructions and brief notes on the tanks featured.

Decal options for:
M113 ACAV 11th ACR, Possible F-Troop " Fantastic Five"
M113 ACAV 11th ACR, E-Troop
M113 ACAV 11th ACR ,Possible  D-Troop "Dirty 1s"
M113 ACAV 11th ACR , C-Troop "Cross & Courage"
M113 ACAV 11th ACR