Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Review: Afterburner F-4E/G 3rd TFW Clark AFB 1/48 decals

Title: Afterburner Decals F-4E/G 3rd TFW Clark AFB 1/48 decals

Description: This decal sheet from Afterburner Decals contains markings for several F-4E/Gs of the 3rd TFW, from Clark AFB based in the Philippines

Aircraft featured on this decal sheet are from the early 80s through to Desert Storm, SEA, SEA wrap, lizard and Hill schemes. 

Wing & Squadron flagships in all schemes from the 3rd TFS and 90th TFS in Hill and Lizard schemes are included as well.  

Included in this decal set are colour profiles and notes relating to the F-4E & G's.

This a super size decal sheet (approx. A4 in size), which includes stenciling, national insignia, squadron logo's, pilot/crew names and other markings.