Monday, 6 September 2010

Completed: RAAF F/A-18A 77Squadron "Dark Gray" trial scheme

Completed: Revell-Monogram's F/A-18C backdated to a F/A-18A

Something a little different in terms of camouflage for an Aussie Hornet was this “Dark Gray” scheme which was tried out by the RAAF during the 90’s. This particular aircraft was from 77 Squadron, the aircraft # was A21-7.

To model this “Dark Gray” Hornet flown by the RAAF I used Revell-Monogram's F/A-18C which I then backdated to an "A "model. 

As can be seen from the photos, the flaps and leading edge of the aircraft were cut and re- positioned, using a sharp knife and a metal ruler as a guide. The kit features raised panel lines; they were sanded down and then re-scribed.

The decals for my F/A-18 were from Hawkeye Models Australia, sheet # AAF48-37. You get two decal sheets, with this package. The first one contains national and squadron markings and the second contains the aircraft stencils. Care needs to be taken when handling these decals. As they are not varnished (to prevent yellowing with age), they can be susceptible to scratches.  

Hawkeye Models Australia AAF48-37 F/A-18A  77Sqn Trial Gray Scheme

Basically the painting guide on the decal instructions specify that the aircraft be painted overall in gray. But having seen some photos of the real aircraft, it is rather “patchy” and dirty in appearance. To depict this I used varying shades of gray and applied a light wash to accentuate the panel lines. 

Gunze-Sangyo paints were used to paint the model and were sprayed using a Lenco 301 airbrush. And finally to complete the kit I sprayed on several coats of Dullcoat.