Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Review: Rising Decals "Under New Management Pt.2" 1/72

Title: Rising Decals "Under New Management Pt.2" 1/72

Description: As with the previous release, Under New Management Pt.2 contains markings for captured German aircraft in Allied service during WWII. Included in this decal set are national markings , serial codes, squadron codes, full colour profiles  with basic notes of the aircraft featured.

Decal options for the following captured aircraft: 

BF 109 G-4
BF 109 G-10

BF 109 G
Ju-88 A-4
Ju-88 D-1
Me 163 Komet

A close up view of two options available in Rising Decals Under New Management Pt.2. 

Above : Ju 88A-4

Above: Bf 109G-14