Thursday, 22 May 2014

Review: Caracal Models Air National Guard F-4C/D Phantom Pt.3 1/48 decals

Title: Caracal Models Air National Guard F-4C/D Phantom Pt.3

Product code: A48038

Available for purchase from the website : PRESS

Description: This decal sheet from Caracal Models contains markings for F-4C/D's from various ANG units.
Stencilling for one camouflaged ANG Phantom is included. The second page also contains a full set of serial number digits to allow you to build almost any camouflaged F-4C from the units featured.

ANG F-4C/D series features no fewer than 9 camouflaged Phantoms from several Air National Guard units.

Decal options for:
    F-4C 63-7556, Louisiana ANG (SEA camouflage)
    F-4C 64-0726, Arkansas ANG (SEA camouflage)
    F-4C 63-7411, Arkansas ANG (Euro1 camouflage)
    F-4C 64-0905, Missouri ANG (SEA camouflage)
    F-4C 64-0780, Indiana ANG (Euro1 camouflage)
    F-4C 63-7497, California ANG (SEA camouflage)
    F-4C 63-7644, California ANG (Euro1 camouflage)
    F-4C 64-0918, Texas ANG (SEA camouflage)
    F-4C 64-0829, Texas ANG (Euro1 camouflage)