Monday, 25 October 2010

In progress: Italeri's EA-18G kit converted to a RAAF F/A-18F Pt.1

In Progress: Yet another Italeri EA-18G kit  to be converted into a F/A-18F from either 1 or 6 Sqn RAAF, just haven't decided yet.

Aftermarket items to be used in this build will be decals from Aussie Decals F/A-18F sheet, Wolfpack Design F/A-18F re-fueling probe, Steel Beach ECS Pipes & ACS coaming and Black Box's F/A-18F cockpit. 

To date, the flaps have been cut and will placed in the "down" position.  The stabilizer has also been cut and will be repositioned.

The intakes have  been assembled, sanded and the interior painted white. It shall also get a coat of gray paint to finish it of.

As the Wolfpack Design re-fueling probe is meant to be used in the Hasegawa kit, it was a bit tricky to attach it to the Italeri kit but as can be seen from the images, it can be done. 

More updates to follow.