Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Review: AMDG Decals Eight Gun Melody Pt.1

Title: AMDG Decals Eight Gun Melody Pt.1

Product code: A48-005

Available for purchase from the website : PRESS

Description: This decal sheet from AMDG Decals contains markings for four P-47 Thunderbolts in 1/48 scale. Decals contain full colour instructions with notes relating to the specific aircraft featured, national insignia, squadron codes, aircraft names and other decals

Decal options for:

1) P-47D “DRAGON LADY”  ??-5751 of 526th FS / 86th FG based in Poretta Corsica, July-September 1944 - pilot: no regularly assigned;
2) P-47D "NO GUTS – NO GLORY" 43-6935 of 82nd FS / 78th FG based in Duxford UK, June 1944 - pilot: Capt. Benjamin I. Mayo;
3) P-47D "MISS CARRIAGE" 42-26649 of 361st FS / 356th FG based in Martelsham UK, November 1944 - pilot: Lt. Amos Bomberger II;
4) P-47D "HOMESICK ANGEL" 44-19879 of 62nd FS / 56th FG based in Boxted UK, March 1945 - pilot: Capt. Robert E. Winters.