Thursday, 28 August 2014

Review: AMDG Decals Eight Gun Melody Pt.2

Title: AMDG Decals Eight Gun Melody Pt.2

Product code: A48-006

Available for purchase from the website : PRESS

Description: This decal sheet from AMDG Decals contains markings for four P-47 Thunderbolts in 1/48 scale. Decals contain full colour instructions with notes relating to the specific aircraft featured, national insignia, squadron codes, aircraft names and other decals. Decals are printed on two A5 sheets.

Decal options for:

1) P-47D Skarkmouth-ed ??-78973 of 525th FS / 86th FG based in Grossetto Italy, October 1944 - pilot: Lt. Riley "Mo" Stewart;

2) P-47D "MAGGIE - V" 42-26455 of 350th FS / 353rd FG based in Raydon UK, June 1944 - pilot: Lt. Kenneth "Choo Choo" Chetwood;

3) P-47D "MISS CARRIAGE" 42-26649 of 361st FS / 356th FG based in Martelsham UK, November 1944 - pilot: Lt. James H. Thorne;

4) P-47D "UNCLE TOM'S CABIN" 44-20118 of 65th FS / 57th FG based in Grossetto Italy, March 1945 - pilot: Lt. Thomas E. Bowers.