Thursday, 25 September 2014

Coming Soon: New from Rising Decals

Available Now! (except RD 72-067)

Coming soon from Rising Decals:

RD 72-014 Deutsche über der Wüste Decals for 6 aircraft of Luftwaffe over Afrika Reprint
RD 72-050 Foreign Recon Decals for 4 Spitfire PR.XI (3x USAAF, 1x tested by Luftwafe)
RD 72-064 Zero Pt. III. Decals for 10X A6M2/3/5
RD 72-067 Japanese ZOO Pt.III 5x P-40E, P-40K, P-51C, F6F, SB2C and G-21 in Japanese Service
RD 32-005  Unusual Emils Pt.II