Sunday, 29 June 2014

Review: Echelon Fine Details Merkava Siman 3D Pt.1 1/35 decals

Title:  Echelon Fine Details Merkava Siman 3D Pt.1  1/35 decals

Product code: D356143

Available for purchase from the website : PRESS

Description: This decal sheet from Echelon Fine details contains markings for two specific Israeli Merkava Siman 3D's plus the the option for a third vehicle.  The  photo-etched set is designed to assist the raised registration plates and in  addition, contains optional parts for further detailing. Also included are stencils for the 7.62mm M19A1 & .50 Cal M2 ammo box labels. For the crew, two verison of flag patches. Two sizes of antenna flags are also provided.