Tuesday, 15 March 2011

In progress: Trumpeter M1A1 Abrams with Mine Plow 1/35 Pt.1

In Progress:  Just started to build Trumpeter's M1A1 Abrams with mine plow in 1/35 scale. This kit will be built as a vehicle that participated in OIF using Echelon Fine Details T35013 decal sheet. Other extras will be from Tamiya's Modern US equipment set and quite possibly Barrel Depot's Abrams replacement gun barrel.

As can be seen in the above  two images, the front left section of the turret is quite angular (the right side in the pictures). This poses a minor problem as the front combat identification panel will not sit square.

To fix this problem, scrap pieces of plastic was glued to the turret and sanded off .

As can be seen the front CIP's have been glued in place and are sitting "square". The front combat identification panels were cut out from a desert container.

More updates to follow.