Friday, 3 December 2010

Review: Rising Decals Fighting Kiwis 1/48 decals

Title:  Rising Decals Fighting Kiwis 1/48 decals

Description: This decal sheet from Rising Decals, titled " Fighting Kiwis" contains markings for a P-40N and two F4U-1D Corsairs. This decal sheet contains national markings, mission/kill marks for selected aircraft, slogans, and full colour instructions.

Decal options for :

P-40N "Gloria Lyons" from 18Sqn RNZAF
F4U-1D "Tutae Wera" from 3Sqn RNZAF
F4U-1D "Nan from 3Sqn RNZAF

An interesting aspect to this decal sheet are the national markings for the Corsairs, they feature  slightly raised "stars" to simulate the over painting of  the US national markings. A nice touch.

Also included are a set of masks for the P-40 to represent the over painting of the "G" for  Gloria Lyons.