Thursday, 22 October 2015

Review: HAD Models Bf 109E-1,3,4 Pt.1 1/48 decals

Title: HAD Models Bf 109E-1,3,4  Pt.1 1/48 decals
Product code: 48148
Description: This decal sheet from HAD Models contains markings for Luftwaffe Bf 109E -1,3,4's  in 1/48 scale. This decal sheet contains national markings, aircraft numbers/serials and basic colour profile/instructions.

 Decal options for:

Bf109 E-1 JG.2 Yellow 9 "Motti"
Bf109 E-3 Stab I/JG.77 "Kieki"
Bf109 E-4 Stab III/JG.3 "Grace" flown by Lt.Egon Troba
Bf109 E-4 JStab III/JG.3 "Frotuna" flown by Hptm. Walter Kienitz

Close up of "Frotuna" flown by Hptm. Walter Kienitz