Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Review: Rising Decals Japanese Zoo Pt.III 1/72 decals

Title: Rising Decals Japanese Zoo Pt.III 1/72 decals

Product code: RD72067
Available for purchase from the website : PRESS
Description: This decal sheet from Rising Decals has options for several Allied aircraft captured by the Japanese during WW II. Decals contain national markings, serial numbers,"shark mouths" for specific aircraft and brief history/information for each aircraft.

Includes decals for 10 aircraft:
F6F-5, Yokosuka AB, Kanagawa 1945
P-51C, Army Air Inspection Centrer, Fussa (Yokota), Mie, 1945
SB2C, Yokosuka AB, Kanagawa, 1945
G-21 Goose, Andir, Java, March 1942
P-51C, Fussa AB, Mie, 1945
P-40E, 50th Hiko Sentai, Rangoon, 1943
P-40E, Air Technical Research Laboratory, Tachikawa, 1945
P-40E, Atsugi AB, Kanagawa, 1945
P-40E, Akeno Army Flying School, Fussa (Yokota), Mie, 1945
P-40E, Mindanao, Philippines, 1942
P-40K, 85th Hiko Sentai, Korea, 1945

Above: Captured P-40E from the 24th PG, Philippines 1942